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Bitcoin magic. Numbers turning into golden bitcoin sign.

A True Early Warning or Simply Chicken Little?

A True Early Warning or Simply Chicken Little? The researchers found that when an asset has a price run-up of 100% or more in a two-year period, the probability of a crash becomes 50%.  When focusing on run-ups of at least 150%, that probability jumps to 80%.  Higher than that and a crash is a near-certainty. Bitcoin’s run-up over the last two years is nearly 2,500%. 

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Increased wages for American workers

Are We Really Making Progress?

Are we really making progress? Payrolls are up 2 million from a year ago. Some will dismiss the growth as “the rich getting richer,” but the facts say otherwise. Usual weekly earnings for full-time workers at the bottom 10% are up 4.6% versus a year ago; earnings for those at the bottom 25% are up 5.3% from a year ago. By contrast, usual weekly earnings for the median worker are up 3.9% while earnings for those at the top 25% and top 10% are up less than 2%.

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