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One word that could describe Donald Trump’s unexpected ascendancy to the presidency is – “revolt.” Revolt against the “establishment.” Revolt against the “status quo”. Whether you agree with these developments or not, the U.S. hasn’t seen economic policy changes like this in a long time. The forces that support markets and entrepreneurship over government control are reasserting themselves.

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Don’t Fear Higher Interest Rates

Don’t Fear Higher Interest Rates…why higher rates don’t mean the end of the bull market in stocks look no further than 2013. Economic growth accelerated that year, with real GDP growing 2.7% versus 1.3% the year before. Meanwhile, the yield on the 10-year Treasury Note jumped to 3.04% from 1.78%. And during that year the S&P 500 jumped 29.6%, the best calendar year performance since 1997.

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