First Trust Video Commentary with Brian Wesbury May 8th, 2015

June is Still on the Table

Will the Fed raise rates in June? September? Could they wait until 2016?

The pouting pundits of pessimism have reached an intellectual Dunkirk, making this an extremely intense and emotional debate.

We still think June is on the table, but it shouldn’t really matter that much to investors.

The Fed will raise rates this year, but they will just be “less loose,” not “tight.”

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by Brian S. Wesbury, Chief Economist, First Trust

Note: We are happy to provide this perspective from First Trust for a couple of reasons – it makes sense to us and it usually takes a much different point of view from the main stream media reporting.  It’s important that you know there are other takes on what’s happening in our economy and around the world.  We hope you enjoy it.  Charles Scott, Pelleton Capital Management.