CNN News, Fake or Real?  Or Simply Really Fake?

CNN News, Fake or Real?  Or Simply Really Fake?

It’s been a bad couple of weeks for the cable news outfit CNN. 

Multiple accusations of airing “fake news” stories (with several editors, reporters and producers fired as a result), veiled threats to individual users, and a couple of embarrassing undercover videos from Project Veritas that showed CNN producers themselves admitting their own news is “mostly bull—-“ are just a few of the gaffes, unforced errors, and outright falsehoods that have dogged CNN of late.

In response, viewers seem to be voting with their feet.   And doesn’t that seem logical?

According to, for the final week of June CNN’s primetime shows even managed to draw fewer viewers than decades-old reruns of “Yogi Bear”, “Full House” and “Friends”.   And I sure as heck know which ones are more entertaining.

The chart below tracks the steep decline in viewership among the coveted 25-54 demographic group.















So, is “fake news” the problem or is the real problem “news” itself?

It seems to me that the news has done a couple of things:  first of all, it’s basically all negative news.  I’m hard pressed to ever get to see anything positive, uplifting, or self-affirming anymore.


If it’s not someone getting shot, the news doesn’t seem to care.

And second, it’s become not so much “news” per se, but opinion disguised as news.

Just give the news in a straight-forward, unbiased, and complete way.  Let me make up my own mind about what “opinion” I want to have about it.

That’s my opinion, and it’s not “news” at all.