Who We Are

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Welcome to Pelleton Capital Management

Pelleton is a boutique financial services firm in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our firm strives to provide independent, unbiased, and objective advice to Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and retirees.

Our Mission:

To help busy individuals, couples, or families discover what their unique FINANCIAL JIGSAW PUZZLE picture looks like. By identifying, organizing, and prioritizing each of their financial puzzle pieces, a picture emerges which embodies their financial values, beliefs, and goals.

Our practice is built on the principles of being a FIDUCIARY, being INDEPENDENT, being OBJECTIVE, and being UNBIASED.

As a FIDUCIARY to our clients, it is our duty to put our clients' interests ahead of our own. We are totally transparent, disclosing all fees and any conflicts of interest we may have in choosing an investment vehicle for you. Further, as a FIDUCIARY, it is not enough to simply do what is in our clients' best interest. We must be able to prove in court that we have done what a "prudent expert" would have done in that same situation.

We are fiercely INDEPENDENT! We work only for our clients. No outside company exerts any pressure on us to sell anything to anyone. This is the only way we will do business.

Our commitment to you is to find the best planning and investment opportunities that fit your overall needs. While there are thousands of investments to choose from, only those that will benefit your financial goals are considered and executed in an OBJECTIVE manner

We have strong opinions, but we are NOT BIASED toward any particular investments or investment style. We would never blindly embrace conventional thinking that would include a “cookie cutter” approach. Our way of investing is custom-fit to your unique financial needs.

Our Process:

Our process is three steps, CONSULT, CREATE, CONSIDER.

CONSULT. The primary purpose of our initial meeting is to determine if a mutual fit exists between us. Do you believe we’re trustworthy and competent to coach you, and do we believe you are coachable? We will ask a number of questions and encourage you to do the same.

CREATE. At the second meeting, all of us will design your financial strategy. We will cover a number of areas, including retirement income, investments, tax planning, risk management, and estate planning.

CONSIDER. At the third meeting, we will review the strategy in detail and make decisions on what and how to implement.

Services Offered:

Comprehensive and Coordinated Tax Management Planning, Retirement Tax Planning, Investment Risk Management, Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Asset Protection, Cash Flow Planning, Social Security and Medicare Planning, Estate and Legacy Planning, Stocks, Bonds, Exchange Traded Funds, Mutual Funds, Annuities, Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, College Planning, Pre- and Post-Divorce Financial Planning.

“What Does Pelleton Mean?”

In the Tour de France, you might have seen or heard the word “peloton” – the name for the pack of riders. While we have anglicized the spelling, the peloton is an integrated unit whose main goal is to support and protect their team leader and provide him with the greatest opportunity to win the race. We feel that we do the same thing by supporting our clients, protecting their investments, and offering them the best chance of reaching their goals.

Our Team:

Charles C. Scott, Founder and President


With over thirty-five years in the financial services industry, Scott brings a varied base of investment philosophies and financial planning ideas when working with clients. He developed and managed an institutional sales department for Washington Mutual and served as the Northwest Regional Manager for MFS, America’s oldest mutual fund company. Scott has also worked as a stockbroker for two Wall Street brokerage firms. Since 1993 he has been an independent advisor successfully serving clients with objective and unbiased advice.

“Educating my clients so they can plan for their financial future is the key to the planning process,” said Scott. “A big part of my responsibility to my clients is being a coach– helping them understand what their options are, and how to adjust to the changes that life will inevitably bring their way.”

On a personal note: Charles is always on the lookout for great fish & chips. He is also a big fan of Premier League football (soccer to those of us Yanks)…actually, there’s no correlation to English fish & chips and soccer, other than he likes them both.

Charles enjoys classic movies, great food and wine, and collecting vintage barware.

He’ll drink Diet Coke any day over Diet Pepsi (too sweet tasting!)

And having met Sheri on a blind date, he knew the instant she opened the door that he would marry her, and 38 years later it remains the best choice he ever made.

Sheri Nordstrom-Scott


With twenty-seven years in sales and management for Nordstrom, the country’s premier retailer, Sheri brings several sales and customer service awards to her current position as your client advocate. She is our clients’ connection to success beyond their investment and planning issues. Her Nordstrom quality of customer service assures each client a rewarding experience.

Sheri has had extensive training in the areas of Social Security and Medicare planning. There are several hundred rules and options to consider, making each of these government programs complicated and challenging. Providing the most current and accurate information on each of these subjects is paramount in servicing our clients’ retirement needs.

On a personal note: Sheri is a huge collector of Christmas ornaments, the shinier the better. Some of her favorite ornaments are from Patricia Breen, Georg Jensen, Waterford, and anything sterling silver.

Sheri has joked that she should have a bumper sticker that reads “Will brake for garage sales” as her Saturday morning routine is rising early to scour garage sales and estate sales looking for that perfect items to give to their adult daughters as they set up their own households.  They all love the idea of re-purposing gently used items and helping to keep them out of the landfills.

She also has an ongoing quest to collect vintage barware…can’t have enough roly-polys from the ‘50s and ‘60s in your collection.

Collaborative Professionals

We know what we don’t know. It’s important for you to understand that. When you have concerns and needs beyond our core competencies we collaborate with specialists who can address those issues. We have carefully selected professionals in the areas of life and health insurance, long-term care insurance, tax accounting, bookkeeping, family law, estate planning law, and business law to ensure that your concerns are met.

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