The Great Ride photo - as Overview page cover

Welcome to Pelleton Capital Management, Ltd.

Pelleton Capital Management is a boutique investment and wealth management firm serving individuals and families who value the relationship with their trusted advisor.

Our mission is to help our clients discover, design, and live the life that they want by matching their finances with their visions, values, and goals. By helping our clients examine their lives and determine what is important to them, we can guide them to make the decisions needed to see their dreams become reality.

We’ve often been asked “What Does the Name Mean?”

In the Tour de France, you might have seen or heard the word “peloton” – the name for the pack of riders. While we have anglicized the spelling, the peloton is an integrated unit whose main goal is to support and protect their team leader and provide him the greatest opportunity to win the race. We feel that we do the same thing by supporting our clients, protecting their investments, and offering them the best chance of reaching their goals.