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For years we have suggested to clients that their life, especially their financial life, is like a big jigsaw puzzle.  There are a lot of pieces that need to fit together to complete the puzzle.  And we always ask, “What it the most important piece of a jigsaw puzzle?”

The response is always something like “the corners”, “the edges”, “the first piece”, or “the last piece”.  All good answers, but not the one we’re looking for.

It’s our opinion that the most important piece of any jigsaw puzzle is the box top.  Without that, how do you know what the puzzle is supposed to look like?

And our role in the planning process is to be the box top for you.  We help you put together the pieces so they fit nicely together, providing you the outcome you desire.

Keep in mind that financial planning is a process. “Planning” is a verb. It takes action, and is not a one-time expensive event that is presented in a big binder and then put on a shelf and ignored.

Five key "puzzle" pieces are incorporated in the coordinated plans offered to clients: asset protection, disability and income protection, debt management, estate planning, and investment and cash-flow planning. Our in-depth interviews will uncover the issues and concerns of our clients and provide the framework, or jigsaw puzzle "box top", to construct a plan that embodies our clients’ values, beliefs, and dreams.



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