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Our investment advisory services are a fee-based arrangement with our clients. We are not a commission based, transactional adviser. Our clients give us the discretion to make the investment decisions for them; we do just that by making the buy and sell decisions. We do not farm this out to “institutional money managers”. We feel our clients are hiring us to make their investment decisions and we embrace that responsibility.

We employ an investment strategy that looks for those investment ideas that have the greatest relative chance of outperforming other investment choices. We do not blindly believe that “buy and hold” always works, but always look to let the winners run and quickly stop out losses when they occur. We rebalance when it’s appropriate, not basing it on some arbitrary calendar time frame. Preservation of our clients’ capital is foremost in our approach, and we focus on accumulating wealth only when opportunities are optimal. This strategy provides a positive expectancy system designed for consistent investment returns.


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