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Add it all up, and we get 2.5% annualized growth. In the context of tax cuts and deregulation, look for this growth to keep pushing profits higher. The bull market is poised to push higher in 2019.

No More Kid Gloves!

No More Kid Gloves. What do the internet and China have in common? For better or for worse, policymakers are no longer treating them with kid gloves. This past week, the Supreme Court reversed a decision made before the dawn of the internet that prevented states from taxing sales to their residents unless the business had a “physical presence” in the state. Now, each state gets to decide whether those sales get taxed.

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"Green New Deal," the mother of all big-spending social programs and government micro-management rolled into one

Thoughts on Trade

Thoughts on Trade. “Economic nationalists” from both sides of the political aisle think this situation is unsustainable…Running a trade deficit means the US gets to buy more than it produces. In turn, we have this ability because investors from around the world think the US is a good place to put their savings, leading to a net capital inflow that offsets our trade deficit.

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We’ve written about it over and over, and while many advisors seem to understand, the media, politicians, and many analysts don’t…or won’t. So, we thought we’d try again to explain why so many people don’t understand the nearly ten year long bull market in U.S. equity values.

Monday Morning Outlook From First Trust February 27, 2017

Trade Is Not Our Enemy. Art Laffer said it best… Let’s say the US invented a cure for cancer and China a cure for heart attacks. If China decided to ban the cure for cancer, should the US retaliate by banning the cure for heart attacks?

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