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"Green New Deal," the mother of all big-spending social programs and government micro-management rolled into one

Low Inflation is No “Mystery”

Low Inflation is No “Mystery”. By claiming that low inflation is a “mystery” the Fed is admitting it doesn’t understand the mechanics of QE. Yet, it is perfectly willing to allow people to think QE is what saved the economy. This is teaching an entire generation of young people, who in many cases don’t study economic history, that growth requires government intervention. The only “mystery” is why they would allow this to happen.

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Add it all up, and we get 2.5% annualized growth. In the context of tax cuts and deregulation, look for this growth to keep pushing profits higher. The bull market is poised to push higher in 2019.

Monday Morning Outlook~WSJ Leak: Fed May Shrink Balance Sheet

Fed Chair Janet Yellen apparently allowed a leak to the Wall Street Journal, published on March 31st, suggesting the Fed understands the problem. The Fed is taking off the table the idea there might be four rate hikes this year, but is putting on the table the idea that it will eventually pause on rate hikes and start reducing the size of its balance sheet as the normalization process continues.

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