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Collaborative Professionals

Our mantra at Pelleton Capital is “We know what we don’t know, but we know other professionals who do know it”. When there are needs and concerns beyond our core planning and investment competencies, we collaborate with specialists who can address those specific issues. We have carefully selected professionals in the areas of health insurance, Medicare planning, tax accounting, and estate and elder law planning to ensure that your needs and concerns are addressed.

Helping to guide and empower you to make the wisest financial choices now, as well as the future, are important. Let us help you with your life’s financial puzzle pieces.

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Charles C. Scott, AIF®, CDP® Photo

Charles C. Scott, AIF®, CDP®

Founder and President

With over thirty years in the financial services industry, Charles has been an independent advisor, successfully serving clients in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area with objective and unbiased advice since 1999. Charles was the third in the state of Arizona to achieve the designation of Accredited Investment Fiduciary.

Recently, he achieved the CDP® designation from the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.

“Educating our clients so they can plan for their financial future is the key to the planning process,” said Scott. “A big part of my responsibility to my clients is being a coach – helping them understand what their options are, and how to adjust to the changes that life will inevitably bring their way.”

“I see one of the biggest challenges that lies ahead for individuals and their families is not addressing and planning for the financial, emotional, and physical dangers of Long-Term Care. Long-Term Care planning has become an integral component of our practice.”

Charles is the co-author of two books, a podcaster, and a contributing author to Kiplinger, WSJ, U.S. News, Forbes, Fox Business, and more.

In his personal life, Charles is always on the lookout for great fish and chips. He is a big fan of English Premier League football (soccer to those of us Yanks). Charles enjoys classic movies, great food and wine, and gardening. He’ll drink Diet Coke over Diet Pepsi any day... too sweet tasting. And having met Sheri on a blind date, he knew the instant she opened the door that he would marry her, and 40+ years later, that remains the best choice he ever made. If asked, "What is your greatest accomplishment?" he will always reply, "Our daughters!"

Sheri Nordstrom-Scott, CDP® Photo

Sheri Nordstrom-Scott, CDP®

Client Concierge

With twenty-seven years in sales and management for Nordstrom, the country’s premier retailer, Sheri brings several sales and customer service awards to her current position as the firm’s Client Concierge. She is our clients’ connection to success beyond their investment and planning needs. Her Nordstrom-quality of customer service assures each client a rewarding experience.

Sheri is insurance licensed and has had extensive training in the areas of Social Security planning and Medicare planning. “There are several hundred rules and options to consider, making each of these government programs complicated and challenging. Providing the most current and accurate information surrounding each of these subjects is paramount to servicing our clients’ retirement needs”. Recently, Sheri achieved the CDP® designation from the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.

Sheri is a huge collector of Christmas ornaments, the shinier the better. She has joked that she should have a bumper sticker reading, “Will Brake for Estate Sales”. She loves the idea of repurposing gently used items and helping to keep them out of the landfills.

The very proud mother of two extraordinary daughters and a great son-in-law, she is also blessed with two wonderful grandchildren.