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Our practice is built on the principles of being a fiduciary, being independent, and being objective.

  • Fiduciary: We are duty-bound to put our clients’ interests ahead of our own.
  • Independent: No outside company exerts any pressure on us to sell anything to anyone.
  • Objective: We are committed to finding the best planning and investment opportunities that are custom fit your overall needs.

The Five Pillars of Pelleton Capital Management

  • Cash Flow Planning • Common sense income and expense coordination.
  • Risk Management • Covering all aspect of various kinds of insurance.
  • Tax Planning • Minimize or eliminate current and future taxes as much as possible.
  • Investment Planning • Optimize the needed returns with the minimum amount of return to achieve them.
  • Estate Planning • Making sure assets are transferred to whom you want while you’re still alive and after you’ve passed.

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