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Pelleton Capital Management is a boutique investment and wealth management firm serving individuals and families who value the relationship with their trusted advisor.

Investment Services

Our investment advisory services are a fee-based arrangement with our clients. We are not a commission based. Our clients give us the discretion to make the investment decisions for them.

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Financial Planning

Financial planning is a process. “Planning” is a verb. It takes action, and is not a one-time expensive event that is presented in a big binder and then put on a shelf and ignored.

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Generational Solutions

Each of you has different needs, goals, and concerns when it comes to your life, and especially your financial life. So let’s take a look at how those differences come into play with the various generations.

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Welcome to Pelleton Capital Management, Ltd.

We are a boutique wealth management and financial planning firm serving individuals and families who value the trusted relationship with their advisor. We are an independent company focused solely on delivering objective investment and financial planning advice. For our clients, this means highly personalized service and peace of mind.

Charles C. Scott

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Weekly Commentary

Thoughts on Trade
Thoughts on Trade
Thoughts on Trade. “Economic nationalists” from both sides of the political aisle think this situation is unsustainable...Running a trade deficit means the US gets to buy more than it produces. In turn, we have this ability because investors from around the world think the US is a good place to put their savings, leading to a net capital inflow that offsets our trade deficit.

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