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Collaborative Teamwork with Pelleton Capital Management

Pelleton Capital operates under a core philosophy: "We know our strengths and recognize when to engage specialists who excel in other areas." This principle fuels our commitment to partner with specialized professionals for services that go beyond our key competencies in financial planning and investment management. Our network includes experts in health insurance, care managers and placement specialist, senior focused real estate agents, independent Medicare professionals, tax accounting, and estate and elder law attorneys, carefully selected for their expertise. Through this team approach, we ensure that every facet of your financial life is thoughtfully considered and addressed.

Our mission is to guide and support you in making sound financial decisions for today and tomorrow. Think of us as your collaborators in piecing together your financial puzzle. We're here to offer the insights and assistance you need to confidently chart your financial path.

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Charles C. Scott, AIF®, CDP® Photo Charles C. Scott, AIF®, CDP® Hover Photo

Charles C. Scott, AIF®, CDP®

Founder and President

Charles C. Scott, AIF®, CDP®, Founder and President of Pelleton Capital Management, stands out in the financial services industry with a specialized focus on supporting families impacted by dementia. With over three decades of experience, Charles has dedicated himself to providing independent, objective, and unbiased advice to clients in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area since 1999. His expertise is not just in financial planning but also in navigating the complex challenges faced by families dealing with Dementia-related issues.

As a testament to his commitment to excellence in investment strategies and ethical conduct, Charles was the third professional in Arizona to earn the prestigious Accredited Investment Fiduciary® designation. Additionally, recognizing the unique needs of families coping with Dementia, Charles has achieved the CDP® designation from the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.

At Pelleton Capital Management, the philosophy is clear: Long-Term Care affects the entire family, not just the individual. This perspective drives their approach to creating comprehensive Long-Term Care plans that are not only financially sound but also empathetic to the emotional and physical challenges faced by families dealing with dementia. Their strategies focus on maximizing current assets, minimizing taxes, and providing peace of mind for both clients and their loved ones. 

Understanding the increased vulnerabilities of pre and post-retirees, especially those impacted by Dementia, Charles emphasizes the importance of having a robust plan in place. He advocates for a Long-Term Care Roadmap that addresses the emotional, physical, and financial repercussions that Dementia can have on a family.

Beyond his role at Pelleton Capital Management, Charles is a co-author of two books, a podcaster, and a contributing author to prestigious publications like Kiplinger, The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News, Forbes, Fox Business, and more. His insights and guidance are particularly valuable for families navigating the complexities of Dementia care and financial planning.

His personal life is marked by a heartwarming love story. Having met his wife Sheri on a blind date, Charles knew instantly she was the one for him. Their over 40-year-long marriage stands as a testament to this intuition, a journey he considers his best choice ever made. When asked about his greatest accomplishment, Charles doesn't hesitate to say, "Our daughters!" showcasing his deep family values and the pride he takes in his role as a father.

Sheri Nordstrom-Scott, CDP® Photo Sheri Nordstrom-Scott, CDP® Hover Photo

Sheri Nordstrom-Scott, CDP®

Client Concierge

Sheri, with her twenty-seven years of distinguished service in sales and management at Nordstrom, one of America's leading retailers, brings a wealth of experience to her role as the Client Concierge. Her tenure at Nordstrom, marked by numerous sales and customer service awards, underscores her commitment to excellence in client relations. In her current position, Sheri is the pivotal link for clients, ensuring their success extends beyond mere investment and planning needs. Her dedication to delivering Nordstrom-level customer service guarantees a fulfilling and rewarding experience for each client.

In addition to her customer service expertise, Sheri is well-versed in insurance, having obtained her license in this field. She has also undergone comprehensive training in Social Security and Medicare planning, areas known for their complexity. Sheri emphasizes, "Navigating the myriad rules and options of these government programs is a formidable task. It's crucial to provide the latest and most accurate information to meet our clients' retirement planning needs effectively." Her dedication to staying abreast of these intricate programs is further exemplified by her recent achievement of the CDP® designation from the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners, underscoring her commitment to serving clients with diverse needs.

Away from her professional endeavors, Sheri indulges in her passion for collecting Christmas ornaments, favoring the most glittering and eye-catching pieces. She humorously suggests that her car should bear a bumper sticker proclaiming, “Will Brake for Estate Sales,” highlighting her love for discovering and repurposing gently used treasures, thus contributing to environmental sustainability.

At the heart of her life is her family. Sheri takes immense pride in being the mother of two exceptional daughters and a remarkable son-in-law. She is also a doting grandmother to two wonderful grandchildren, cherishing the joy and fulfillment they bring into her life.