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Maintain Your
Independence and

Customized Long-Term Care Planning to Protect Against
the Financial Devastation of a Long-Term Care Event

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We are here to help you:

Make Informed
Decisions About
Care and Costs

Maintain Family
Cooperation, and

Maintain Your
Retirement Assets
and Lifestyle

Without Planning, You May
Feel Financially Insecure

Without a plan for potential long-term care expenses, you may:

  • Worry about the burdens that long-term care expenses can place on you and your loved ones
  • Realize you face many misconceptions about long-term care and its costs
  • Feel anxious about becoming dependent on family members or government programs

We believe you should feel confident about your financial future when you've been so successful both personally and professionally.

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We are here to help you:

Our goal is to help you:

Get Informed

Gain clarity about
options and costs so you
can make good

Improve Family

Facilitate discussions to
reduce conflict and
distribute responsibilities.

Alleviate Concerns

Understand how to
protect your assets and
afford long-term care

The Complexities of Long-Term Care Planning Can Be Overwhelming

We understand firsthand the financial, physical, and emotional devastation that a long-term care event can cause.

  • We provide customized long-term care planning to help empower you to make informed choices and maintain control over your life.
  • We have financial planning expertise in retirement and healthcare expenses to help assess your financial situation, determine your lifestyle goals, and create a plan that accounts for potential long-term care costs.
  • We have a deep understanding of long-term care options, expenses, and insurance solutions to help guide you in making the right decisions for your situation.

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We Help Put Together the Financial Pieces of Your Long-Term Care Puzzle

People often feel anxious about whether the financial devastation of a long-term care event will force them to become dependent on family members or government programs. At Pelleton Capital Management, we provide customized long-term care financial planning to help empower clients to make informed choices and maintain control over their lives.

We are an independent Registered Investment Advisor in Scottsdale, AZ, working with couples, individuals, and adult children to help protect against a long-term care event. We understand that long-term care is a puzzle. We help prioritize and organize the pieces of your financial puzzle so you can feel more confident in your ability to maintain control over your life. We strive to help you:

  • Feel more financially secure: Feel more assured you have the means to cover long-term care expenses, reducing anxiety related to healthcare costs.
  • Receive quality care: We help access high-quality long-term care options that align with your health needs and preferences.
  • Get empowered: Receive education to make more informed care decisions that help maintain your independence and dignity.

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How to Work With Us

Our goal is to help you:

Step 1

Schedule a Long-Term
Care Roadmap call to
discuss how we can help

Step 2

Receive an assessment
of your situation and set
your long-term care
goals and preferences.

Step 3

Collaborate on a
customized long-term
care plan to help protect
your financial future.

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Are We a Match?

You want to partner with a financial advisor whose expertise is working with people like you. We may be a good fit if you:

    • Are a couple, solo ager, or adult child seeking financial protection against a long-term care event

    • Live in the great state of Arizona

    • Want an ongoing relationship with a financial advisor to create a comprehensive long-term care plan to help provide greater control over your financial future

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Free Book: Protecting Your Assets with Tax-Free Long-Term Care

Discover the little-known strategies that could make the difference between being a burden on your children and your ability to stay at home and select who your care caregivers are, instead of having someone else decide for you.


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