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Have You Maxed Out Your Benefits for 2023? Thumbnail

Have You Maxed Out Your Benefits for 2023?

Have You Maxed Out Your Benefits for 2023?

It’s almost the holidays, and you know what that means - planning endless parties, running to countless stores, and wrapping up the year’s projects at work.

It can be a very stressful time of year. You know what else is coming up, though? The New Year.

If you have benefits coverage through your employer or buy a plan on your own, take a look at what your coverage includes and when your benefits reset.

You may be sitting on a gold mine of dental coverage or massage therapy (if that’s your game) and not even know it.

More often than not, we tend to gloss over what coverage we have for medical or dental. Often, benefits reset at the end of the year - and that money stays in the pocket of your insurance company.

The good news is that if you act now, you’ve still got time to book your appointments before your benefits roll over!

Here, we’re always looking for ways to help make your money go further for you, and a little de-stressing around the holidays doesn’t hurt either.

If you’re looking to figure out other ways to put more money in your pocket for savings, retirement or otherwise, give me a call at (480) 513-1830 or book your spot on my calendar.

Warmly, Charles

Charles C. Scott AIF®, CDP®


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