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What's Buggin' Charles? Thumbnail

What's Buggin' Charles?

There's a lot going on in the financial industry. In today's episode, Charles is going to address some of the things that are driving him crazy in the community, from the plethora of confusing financial designations to the lack of attention given to long-term care planning. At the end of the episode, Charles answers a listener question about combining finances and discusses the importance of financial communication in a relationship.

Show Notes

1:05 - Main Topic: What’s Buggin’ Charles?

1:54 - Designations

6:11 - Not Enough Emphasis On Long Term Care Conversations

17:54 - Mailbag: Valerie Asks For Advice On Combining Finances

Have questions about any of the topics we covered in today's podcast? Reach out to me at 480-513-1830, or schedule a call via my calendar.