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Top 10 Holiday Budget Savers Thumbnail

Top 10 Holiday Budget Savers

Top 10 Holiday Budget Savers

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and soon with it, the pain of our credit card statements.

To help ease the stress at this busy time of year, I've compiled my top ten tips that you can use to help keep your holiday budget under control.

  1. Skip the junk. Yes, a huge stack of presents is exciting, but it's unnecessary. Most of it is just filler - and ends up at a thrift store, or worse, the landfill. Go for quality over quantity! Instead of four or five 'meh' gifts, opt for a gift they'll really want. It's way more memorable to get a well-thought-out gift that appeals to your tastes and hobbies, than another pair of obnoxious socks with a Netflix show theme.
  2. Trim the trimmings. Love changing up your tree and holiday decor every year? Then stop buying the ornaments at the peak of the season - they're sold at a marked-up premium. Wait until after Boxing Day to load up on discounted ornaments, tinsel, gift wrap, and boxes. By doing this, you can save upwards of 75% and feel slightly giddy knowing you're prepped for next year at a fraction of the price!
  3. Small budget, big dinner. Why wait until three days before Christmas to load up on your holiday meal staples? Start early and stock up on the necessities when they're on sale. Boxed stuffing can be purchased weeks ahead of time, along with a frozen turkey, frozen corn, and the like. Save the last-minute trip for fresh foods like potatoes and carrots.
  4. Make a list - check it once. Write out a list of the people you plan on buying for, and set a budget per person. Reserve higher budgets for immediate family, and set a lower budget for co-workers. If you really want to trim this down, opt for a simple bottle of wine (some excellent ones exist for under $15 a pop) or a homemade gift like a tin of cookies. The idea here is to shop, but shop once. Stop shopping once everyone is accounted for, even though the temptation is great to get one… last… gift.
  5. Head outside for your decor ideas. Why spend hundreds of dollars on part-time decor? If you've been spending more time outside enjoying nature (as recommended in one of my recent emails -wink-), you have everything you need to score free natural Christmas decor. Make your own garland using foraged juniper and cedar, and add pine cones for a traditional touch.

Happy Holidays! Feel free to schedule a call with my office if you want to discuss even better tips for your financial planning future! Call (480) 513-1830 or book a call,Chat with Charles.