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Financial Fact Or Fiction? Thumbnail

Financial Fact Or Fiction?

Sometimes the easiest way to learn about something is to make it really simple. Like some of the first true/false tests you might have taken in school, let’s play a round of fact or fiction to test your financial planning acuity.

Show Notes

1:21 - How Would Charles Would Advise Warren Buffett

4:53 - Your Social Security Is Taxable

6:05 - Taxes Will Likely Be Lower in Retirement 

9:05 - Term Life Insurance Is Better Than Whole Life Insurance

11:14 - Medicare Will Cover Most Of Your Needs In Retirement 

13:27 - The Older We Get, We Should Shift From Stocks To Bonds

17:34 - Mailbag: Andy Asks How Much Of Your Portfolio Is It OK To Have In One Stock