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Financial Issues Particularly Challenging For Women Thumbnail

Financial Issues Particularly Challenging For Women


On This Episode:

Many financial issues impact us all the same. But, of course, other challenges have varying impacts from person to person because our situations are all unique. Let’s take a look at some of the financial and retirement challenges that are unique to women. We also discuss some rules of thumb and get Charles' take on them.

Show Notes: 


2:00 - Main Topic - Financial Issues That Are Challenging For Women

3:29 - Level Of Engagement Women Have Throughout Retirement Planning Process

5:00 - Spouse That Handled Money Passes Away First

6:49 - Why Do Some Women Find Themselves In A Difficult Situation?

8:14 - Specific Challenges Faced By A Widowed Woman

9:50 - Piece Of Advice For The Husbands

10:42 - Second Topic - Retirement Rules

11:06 - The 10%, 4%, 25X, & The 80% Rule

13:13 - The Rule Of 72

14:06 - The Rule of 2.67

15:14 - The Rule Of 100