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Life Insurance & Retirement Statistics Thumbnail

Life Insurance & Retirement Statistics

Sure, life insurance is one of the more boring topics to cover on a podcast. And a lot of what you hear is going to warn you why you should NOT get various types of life insurance. But our goal in this episode is to focus on the positive and analyze the reasons why you should get life insurance, or at least consider it.

Many people think that once the kids are out of the house, you don’t need insurance anymore. But there are some other reasons why life insurance can be a useful part of your retirement plan.

Show Notes

1:32 - Main Topic: Why You Should Consider Life Insurance

2:54 - Income Replacement

4:37 - Tax-Free Income

8:40 - Long Term Care Coverage

10:05 - Second Topic: American Retirement Statistics

10:52 - Retirement Age & Income

11:57 - Life Expectancy

14:12 Long Term Care

18:23 - Mailbag: Catherine Asks For Advice On Investing A Lump Sum Of Money

Have questions about any of the topics we covered in today's podcast? Reach out to me at 480-513-1830, or schedule a call via my calendar.