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Longevity Risk Thumbnail

Longevity Risk


On This Episode:

Living a long time isn’t supposed to be a bad thing and it almost seems counterintuitive to categorize it as a risk. But it is. Let’s take a look at how longevity plays a role in a financial plan and have an honest conversation about how deal with the “problem” of living too long.

Show Notes: 

1:12 - Main Topic - Longevity Risk

2:25 - How Old Is Your Oldest Client?

2:39 - Oldest Person In Your Family?

3:20 - Who Is The Oldest Person You Have Personally Known?

4:00 - Why Is Living Long Risky?

7:02 - Have People Prepared For Longevity Appropriately?

9:10 - Client Story

11:00 - Starting The Conversation

15:07 - Millie Says She Was Going To Get Serious About Retirement Within The Next Year, But Wants Out Of Her Job Now