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Planning For Retirement’s Uncertainties Thumbnail

Planning For Retirement’s Uncertainties

There are many things that we know we’ll have to deal with in retirement, we just don’t know how to predict when or to what degree. How do you construct a plan that deals with the unpredictability of these different factors?

Show Notes

0:50 - Webinar- Three Critical Things You, And Your Family, Need to Know About Long-Term Care

2:21 - Main Topic: Planning For Retirement’s Uncertainties

2:47 - Be Flexible

4:14 - Longevity

5:32 - Interest Rates Going Up

7:18 - Future Tax Rates

10:52 - How Do We Plan For These Items?

12:26 - Social Security

15:37 - Stock Market Returns

17:30 - Inflation

22:27 - Mailbag: Jim Asks About Where He Can Save Money For Retirement

Have questions about any of the topics we covered in today's podcast? Reach out to me at 480-513-1830, or schedule a call via my calendar.