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Retirement Potpourri: Fill In The Blank Thumbnail

Retirement Potpourri: Fill In The Blank

Time for a little fun on this episode. We’ll use some fill in the blank prompts to spark good discussion about relationships between advisors and their clients, the stock market, common planning mistakes, and much more!

Show Notes

1:15 - Main Topic: Fill In The Blank

1:30 - The Best Way To Be Sure You Don’t Run Out Of Money?

2:49 - The Stock Market Has The Ability To?

4:36 - First Time Clients Are Mostly Worried About?

6:15 - Most Common Mistake?

8:28 - The Most Gratifying Part Of The Job?

11:09 - Mailbag: Cliff Asks How Much Company Stock Is Too Much

13:12 - Mailbag: Rebecca Asks How To Stay Motivated When Saving For Retirement