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The Silent Killer (of Retirement): Inflation Thumbnail

The Silent Killer (of Retirement): Inflation

On This Episode:

Have you ever put on a lot of weight at some point in your life? It’s frustrating because you don’t really notice it at first. Even the people you see every day might not notice for a while. Then all the sudden someone you haven’t seen in several months notices. And then you all the sudden can tell in the mirror. “Whoa,” you realize, “I need to do something about this.” That slow creep of weight was hard to notice day-to-day, but before you even noticed it, it had already made a significant change in your body. The same thing happens to financial plans exposed to inflation. You might not notice it for a while, but after many years, an illprepared might get ravaged by the subtle, long-term increases of the prices of things all around us. Let’s explore some ways we can guard against that creep of inflation. Plus, we'll introduce a segment of the show we like to call "Storytime". This week, we'll ask Charles to tell us a story about someone who was getting ripped off by another financial advisor. We'll see how Charles helped solve the problem.