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Traditional IRA Vs. Roth IRA Thumbnail

Traditional IRA Vs. Roth IRA

On This Episode:

It seems that most people don’t have a clear picture of whether they should contribute to a traditional IRA or a Roth. Let’s discuss how to determine what’s best for you.

Show Notes:

1:23 - Headline: More Than 25% Of Americans Are Raiding Their Retirement Accounts Because Of COVID-19

4:16 - Traditional IRA Vs. Roth IRA - The Basic Definitions

5:10 - Why Are So Many In The Traditional Account?

6:11 - Is The Current Tax Environment We’re In A Catalyst For More People Wanting To Do Roth Conversions?

8:04 - Who Should Be Contributing To A Roth?

8:23 - Who Should Not Be Contributing To A Roth?

10:14 - Marshall Wonders If Paying The Penalty To Take Out His Variable Annuity Is Worth Avoiding The High Fees

12:37 - What’s Buggin’ Charles?