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Exposing Common Retirement Complaints Thumbnail

Exposing Common Retirement Complaints

In this episode, we tackle the common complaints and fears about financial situations during retirement. We'll discuss which concerns are well-founded, which are based on misconceptions, and offer insight on how retirees can best navigate their financial future.

Show Notes

0:37- Main Topic: Retirement Planning Complaints

2:18 - Too Much Risk

4:39 - Fees Are Too High

7:50 - Social Security Won’t Be Enough To Cover My Expenses

9:08 - My Account Didn’t Do Very Well

10:57 - I Only Hear From My Advisor When They Want To Sell Me Something

13:32 - Mailbag: Brian Asks About Long-Term Care Policies

Have questions about any of the topics we covered in today's podcast? Reach out to me at 480-513-1830, or schedule a call via my calendar.