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Do you have lingering questions about financial planning, taxes planning, estate planning, retirement planning, or Long-Term Care solutions?

Learning about a solution or gaining a resource for the questions you have regarding your financial situation can help you to feel more confident as you prepare for your retirement years.

Join Charles Scott as he guides you through these financial topics in a fun and educational way.

New podcast recordings are published on the third Thursday of each month.

Search below for an episode's topic that interests you, or scroll down for our most recent podcast.

Ready Or Not Retirement Thumbnail

Ready Or Not Retirement

Are you nearing “retirement age?” If so, let’s explore that pivotal question you’ll soon face: Should you retire or continue working? We’ll unravel the intricacies of this decision, addressing both financial and emotional aspects, and help you find out if you’re truly ready to retire.

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Unsure, Confident, or Certain: Retirement Planning Next Steps Thumbnail

Unsure, Confident, or Certain: Retirement Planning Next Steps

It’s not just the financially uncertain who need to think carefully about their retirement plan. Even those who feel confident in their retirement savings might still have important questions to answer and decisions to make. In this episode, we'll explore the three retirement planning mindsets: those who have no idea if they can retire, those who think they have enough money to retire, and those who know for sure they have enough money to retire. We'll discuss the key considerations and next steps for each of these mindsets to help you prepare for a fulfilling retirement.

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The 5 Biggest Money Mistakes In Retirement Planning Thumbnail

The 5 Biggest Money Mistakes In Retirement Planning

In the complex world of retirement planning, there are countless pitfalls one could fall into. In this episode, we've distilled it down to what we believe are the top 5 mistakes to watch out for. Avoiding these crucial missteps can have a significant impact on the success of your retirement plan. So, join us as we delve into these key issues and learn how to navigate them effectively when it's your turn to plan for retirement.

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Where $1 Million Runs Out Fastest Thumbnail

Where $1 Million Runs Out Fastest

A million dollars is a goal that many people strive to earn for their retirement nest egg, but how far can that lump sum actually carry you? Today we will be looking at an article that breaks down how far a million dollars go in various states.

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