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Do you have lingering questions about financial planning, tax planning, estate planning, retirement planning or Long-Term Care solutions? Then you're in the right place!

Join Charles Scott as he guides you through these topic in a fun and educational way. Checkout the video version on YouTube, subscribe to your favorite podcasting apps, or look below for recent episodes and watch them right here on the website!


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Going Against The Grain Thumbnail

Going Against The Grain

Being a good advisor isn’t about winning a popularity contest or just saying the same things that everyone else in the industry says. It’s about giving the best advice that you can for each individual situation. On today’s show, we’re going to peel back the curtain to discuss some areas where a good financial advisor’s opinions might go against the grain with mainstream ideas in the industry.

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Tough Topic: Retirement & Divorce Thumbnail

Tough Topic: Retirement & Divorce

Going through a divorce at any age is difficult, but doing it near or in retirement adds all sorts of additional complications. In this episode, we’ll talk about some of the financial mistakes we see people make in the midst of a divorce.

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The Potential Forgiveness Of Student Loans Being Proposed Thumbnail

The Potential Forgiveness Of Student Loans Being Proposed

Student loan forgiveness is a hot topic of discussion right now. Many people fear the cost of something like this and the lessons it will teach the younger generation, while others argue the cost of higher education is exorbitant and we need to extend help for those who have a lot of debt. There are both pros and cons to each side that we will be discussing on today's show.

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Life Insurance & Retirement Statistics Thumbnail

Life Insurance & Retirement Statistics

Sure, life insurance is one of the more boring topics to cover in a podcast. And a lot of what you hear is going to warn you why you should NOT get various types of life insurance. But our goal in this episode is to focus on the positive and analyze the reasons why you should get life insurance, or at least consider it. Many people think that once the kids are out of the house, you don’t need insurance anymore. But there are some other reasons why life insurance can be a useful part of your retirement plan.

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Financial Terms & Housing Questions In Retirement Thumbnail

Financial Terms & Housing Questions In Retirement

There are some important terms you’re going to come across as you prepare for retirement. Having a basic understanding of these will help you achieve financial success, so we’ll cover what they mean and what you should know in today’s episode. And don’t worry. We won’t go quite so far down the rabbit hole where we expect you to be able to explain how a company’s P/E ratio meshes with its Alpha and Beta ratings to determine how much stock you should buy.

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What They’re Saying: What Is The Most Important Part Of Retirement Planning? Thumbnail

What They’re Saying: What Is The Most Important Part Of Retirement Planning?

We all should realize that planning for retirement is relatively complex. There are a lot of different moving parts and factors to consider. Adjusting any of these variables can impact the end result. But is there one part of the retirement planning process that’s most important? We’ve assembled several opinions on the topic from across the internet. Let’s see if the advice hits the mark or needs further exploration.

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Who Even Needs A Financial Advisor? Thumbnail

Who Even Needs A Financial Advisor?

Some people feel that they’ll save money by handling their investments themselves instead of working with an advisor. Others may like the challenge of doing it themselves. Still others just don’t know who to trust so they end up not working with anyone. Let’s talk about some reasons that you might need an advisor.

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Financial Temptations Thumbnail

Financial Temptations

Having a good financial plan can help you resist some of the financial temptations that the average person will face. Let’s talk about some of these common temptations that we often see people fall victim to.

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