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Current Commentary

Stay up to date on current financial events and commentary with our weekly blogs.

Argentina: Is the Pendulum Swinging, Again? Thumbnail

Argentina: Is the Pendulum Swinging, Again?

Argentina: Is the Pendulum Swinging, Again? The pendulum is swinging toward smaller government. If leaders fulfill this desire, investors around the globe will have reason to cheer. While Argentina has followed a different rhythm than many Western countries, the elections of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan changed the direction of global economic growth. Is it happening again?

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Thoughts on Ukraine Thumbnail

Thoughts on Ukraine

Thoughts on Ukraine. So far, things haven't unfolded as many thought they would. Supply-chain issues for the Russian military and formidable opposition are slowing Russia's advance. In addition, more sanctions and military help from countries around the world have given many hope that hostilities end early with Russia falling well short of its goals.

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