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Current Commentary

Stay up to date on current financial events and commentary with our weekly blogs.

Tax Hikes: Bad, But Bearable Thumbnail

Tax Hikes: Bad, But Bearable

Tax Hikes: Bad, But Bearable...The bottom line is that this budget deal will raise spending and tax rates over the next decade, and this is bad for the economy’s long-term growth potential. But we’ve had much larger tax hikes in the past and survived.

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How About More Freedom? Thumbnail

How About More Freedom?

How About More Freedom? In our view, we are still suffering from three major policy mistakes. First, running an overly loose monetary policy. Second, handing out too many government checks, which allowed American consumers to borrow from future production and spend more in the past two years than they would have if no pandemic had ever occurred. And third, shutting down many parts of the economy through government mandates at multiple levels.

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We're Not Already in a Recession! Thumbnail

We're Not Already in a Recession!

We're Not Already in a Recession! When it comes,... we expect something like the recessions in 1990-91 or 2001, when the unemployment rate went up about 2.0 to 2.5 percentage points, not like the soaring unemployment of the Great Recession or the 2020 Lockdown.

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