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Current Commentary

Thoughts on Ukraine Thumbnail

Thoughts on Ukraine

Thoughts on Ukraine. So far, things haven't unfolded as many thought they would. Supply-chain issues for the Russian military and formidable opposition are slowing Russia's advance. In addition, more sanctions and military help from countries around the world have given many hope that hostilities end early with Russia falling well short of its goals.

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Sticking to Our Targets, For Now Thumbnail

Sticking to Our Targets, For Now

Sticking to Our Targets, For Now...The bottom line is that the winds of change are blowing hard in 2022: COVID is winding down, borders are in flux, and monetary policy is in for a major and long-overdue shift. In spite of these changes, we think equities are likely to rebound from recent strife and work their way higher this year. The bull market in stocks won't last forever. But, for now, it isn't at an end.

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Who Gets the Blame for Inflation? Thumbnail

Who Gets the Blame for Inflation?

Who Gets the Blame for Inflation?... politicians across the political spectrum are working overtime to find someone to blame and attack. What they're missing is that there is no consistent historical relationship between higher spending, larger deficits, and more inflation.

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Job Market Making Progress Thumbnail

Job Market Making Progress

Job Market Making Progress...even as payrolls have recently fallen short, civilian employment, an alternative measure of jobs, has been rising fast, including a gain of 651,000 in December and an increase of 1.09 million in November.

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